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Since 2016, we've been building a rule-based trading portfolio that uses momentum principles to automatically trade multiple markets and multiple time frames on a long and short basis. Investors can only follow our portfolio live on

This website provides supporting information for our etoro trading portfolio, giving users insights about our portfolio, our live and historical performance, as well as useful content around Trend Following and rules-based investing strategies.

We risk adjust all trades automatically to balance high and low risk assets, and we diversify across different countries, industries, asset classes, timeframes, and strategies. Trades can last days/weeks to months and years, and are designed to capture breakouts based on closing highs or standard deviation moves from a low.

Portfolio Rules:

🔹 285 trading signals (automatically generated)
🔹 95 assets: equities, indices, bonds, crypto, metals, commodities, currencies
🔹 Diversified globally, as well as across asset classes, time frames, and trading systems
🔹 Back-tested to 1991

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